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Mary Pavier Homeopathy

Restoring Health Naturally


I am a fully qualified, licensed homeopath LicWSHom who is registered & insured with the Society of Homeopaths.

As a general homeopathic practitioner I provide safe and effective treatment for many health conditions. Typically I expect to see improvements in my patients within 2 to 3 consultations. However, we are all unique individuals, and this can vary.

What can homeopathy treat?

Homeopathic medicine is very diverse as it can be used for 'First Aid' situations for example:

as well as Acute situations such as:

Chronic situations where an individual may suffer with symptoms long term that may affect the skin, chest, digestive system or any other part of the body.

Homeopathy is really successful at treating symptoms of anxiety & stress, grief, sleep issues, joint and muscle pain, different types of head pain, after effects of viruses, any lasting effects of previous shock and trauma. Not forgetting some of the unpleasant symptoms that some people suffer with at the time of the menopause, in fact it is very helpful in rebalancing our hormonal system in general.

I would really enjoy the opportunity to help you get back to a more balanced state of health. Please call if you would like to arrange a 30 minute, no obligation chat to discuss your needs or to book a full consultation. If you prefer you can send me a message or email me.

I provide consultations at my clinic in Llanelli or online by video if you prefer.

My working days are Tues–Thurs, 9–5pm. Early and late appointments are available on request, but spaces are limited.

I am currently following COVID guidelines to keep my patients safe.


Although I'm private with my deeper emotions, I've found it easy to open up to Mary during our sessions. In the last year, homeopathy has helped me deal with and overcome painful experiences as well as aided chronic physical symptoms. I'm so grateful to Mary and the Welsh School [of Homeopathy] for contributing to my personal growth and road of healing. Thank you!!


I was suffering with quite severe anxiety, which at its worst would bring on a panic attack. I wasn't sleeping well at all and I felt tired all the time and life was just one big struggle. After treatment with Mary I feel like I have my life back again, so much more energy and my anxiety is a lot better. I can't recommend Mary & homeopathy enough!