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Mary Pavier Homeopathy

Restoring Health Naturally


Homeopathy is about so much more than just treating the symptoms that you need help with. It can really help with your general state of health and well-being and can dramatically improve your overall vitality. As a homeopath it is wonderful to witness the patient's improving health; looking less tired, enjoying better sleep, having more energy and feeling more motivated. Able to tackle tasks that they previously struggled with, we often observe patients have:

These changes help our clients to make better health choices and therefore able to maintain good health.

On your first visit you need to allow up to 1½ hours so that I can gain as much information about you as possible. The holistic nature of homeopathy requires each patient is treated as a unique individual and this is done by assessing your current physical and emotional state, medical background, family medical history, current medication, diet, lifestyle and your personality. The consultation in itself can be a very healing process as it may be the first time you have felt properly listened to.

After I have analysed your symptoms, I will select the most appropriate medicine based on your personal level of health to stimulate your bodies own healing ability. Medicine will then be posted out to you with clear instructions.

For a follow up appointment allow up to 1 hour.

I am very keen to help you to return to health in the shortest time possible, however everyone is unique and will require a different number of visits to aid them in their recovery to health. As a holistic practitioner I am there to support you throughout your treatment; it is important to contact me between consultations if you have any concerns or any acute flare ups. Follow-up consultations should only take about an hour and most patients probably need to see me at least three times with appointments being booked 4-6 weeks apart.

If at any stage of your treatment you are concerned about changes in your symptoms, you should contact me and/or your medical practitioner immediately.

Call or email me today to see how homeopathy could restore your health.