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Mary Pavier Homeopathy

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Common Questions

About my service

How long will it take to work?

Due to the individual nature of every patient, this can vary considerably. Most patients will see some improvements within 2-3 months. For patients with long term chronic health issues it may take time to work through the many issues that have built up over time, and to find the best homeopathic medicine that suits you.

What can I expect at my first consultation?

On your first visit to a homeopath, you need to allow up to 1½ hours; because of the holistic nature of homeopathy each person is treated as a unique individual and the homeopath will need to gain as much information about you as they can; this will include your current physical and emotional symptoms, a full medical history, family medical history, any current medication from your doctor, diet, lifestyle and your personality.

The consultation in itself can be a very healing process, often being the first time you may have felt listened to.

The homeopath will select the most appropriate medicine based on your individual specific symptoms and personal level of health to stimulate your own healing ability.

Some individuals may only require a minimum dose, which is just one homeopathic pill, which may be enough to stimulate your body to start healing itself, 'think of it as a slow-release pill'; however, it is important to note that homeopathic medicine is completely different to conventional medicine, where you don't stop the medication until all symptoms are gone. With homeopathic medicine you give your body time to heal itself without other intervention before considering giving more medicine.

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Do you offer online consultations?

Yes, we are able to offer online consultations using Zoom™. It is important that you are able to find a quiet place where you can avoid being interrupted for the consultation. Also for zoom to work efficiently you will require a good WiFi or 4G signal.

Please note for online appointments fees need to be paid 48 hours in advance by bank transfer.

Can I take homeopathic medicine alongside my conventional medicine?

Yes, because homeopathic medicine is taken in very small doses and works in a completely different way to conventional medicines both can be taken together.

How much does homeopathic medicine cost?

Most homeopathic medicine is included in the cost of the consultation. However with some patients I may recommend they purchase additional medicine or I may have to charge for certain medicine which is ordered in especially for that patient, the cost is usually no more than £12.

About Homeopathy in general

How does Homeopathy work?

Homeopathy works by stimulating the body’s own natural healing capacity. Homeopathic medicines trigger the body’s own healing processes and are prescribed on a very individual basis. A homoeopath will note physical, mental and emotional symptoms, together with all the factors that make the person feel better or worse.

Homeopathy works with the body's own healing capacity; it doesn't treat the disease it treats the individual!

How did Homeopathy come about?

It was developed in 1770 by a German Doctor Samuel Hahnemann, based on his doctrine of “like cures like”. Hahnemann proved his theory by taking Cinchona (known as China) and he observed that Cinchona produced in a healthy person the symptoms of malaria, the very disease that it was known to cure. This discovery was to be of great importance in the development of homeopathic theory & practice.

By observing the symptoms any substance produced when given to a healthy person, Hahnemann discovered the healing properties of that substance. This practise is known as 'proving' and carried out on volunteers (never tested on animals). If a healthy person proves a remedy (they start producing symptoms that the remedy should cure). If they stop taking the remedy these symptoms should stop.

What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a system of alternative or complimentary medicine which works really well on its own or alongside conventional medicine, it is a natural, safe and effective form of medicine which is a holistic form of healing based on the principle 'like cures like'. Symptoms a substance can cause are the very same symptoms that it can cure, provided it is being given in a specially prepared minimal dosage. An example would be when cutting an onion, often one's eyes and nose stream water and if sensitive it can also burn. Therefore, in homeopathy, an onion prepared as a homeopathic remedy called 'Allium Cepa' is given to treat colds & coughs or hay fever symptoms when the eyes and nose stream and burn.

The principle behind homeopathy is that the substance that most closely matches the symptom picture in a person will work by stimulating the body's own natural “intelligence” and immune system to heal itself.

Homeopathy is used by over 200 million people worldwide to treat both acute and chronic conditions.

The fabulous thing about Homeopathic medicine is there are no side effects; it is not addictive & safe for all ages including pregnant woman, babies, the elderly and animals.

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How are Homeopathic medicines made?

Homeopathic medicines or remedies are usually made from plant, chemical, mineral or animal sources. The original material is diluted and then shaken vigorously – a process known as succussion. The number of times this is repeated determines the strength or potency of the medicine. Remedies are usually prepared by specialist pharmacies into sugar pills, tablets, granules or liquid form.

So how does it work after so much dilution?

In the process of making homeopathic medicine, none of the original substance is left, however the “memory” of the substance has been imprinted in the water providing all the healing properties of the original substance, but without any toxicity. This means the medicine is completely safe and has no side effects.

Are there any dangers with taking homeopathic medicines?

The small doses used in homeopathic medicines make them extremely safe for everyone. They do not have the side effects associated with many conventional prescription drugs and this is one of the reasons for the popularity of homeopathy among patients.