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Mary Pavier Homeopathy

Restoring Health Naturally

About Me

Mary Pavier

I first experienced the true wonder of homeopathic medicine when I saw my first homeopath as a teenager. At this time I was suffering terrible pain during my periods to the extent that I would almost pass out and couldn’t do anything until I had taken pain killers. Within a month of taking my homeopathic prescription, I no longer needed drugs to control the pain and had pain-free periods for many years. My homeopath also helped me with skin acne, tonsillitis, and food allergies.

Many years later I was diagnosed with M.E. also known as chronic fatigue syndrome. There was little that my G.P. or conventional medicine could do for me. My condition caused me many problems because I was so weak and tired all the time. I could no longer do the exercise I needed which led to back problems and I was ultimately forced to give up a job that I loved because of the pain while sitting. My immune system also got weaker which meant that I would catch every infection going. After trying numerous alternative treatments, all of which helped a little, I turned back to Homeopathy.

It was only then that my health really improved and I found that once again I was able to do the things I love.


I love walking, especially coastal paths and mountains, as I get blown away by the views and feel so refreshed afterwards and when I managed to climb to the top of Snowdon just a year after treatment, I realised that I had to train to become a homeopath, so that I could help others to achieve better health and therefore reach their goals.

I studied at the Welsh School of Homeopathy where I received excellent training and teaching from well known homeopathic practitioners with outstanding experience and knowledge. I graduated from the school with my Diploma and license to practice.