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Mary Pavier Homeopathy

Restoring Health Naturally


I am a fully qualified, licensed homeopath LicWSHom who is registered & insured with the Society of Homeopaths.

As a general homeopathic practitioner I provide safe and effective treatment for many health conditions. Typically I expect to see improvements in my patients within 2 to 3 consultations. However, we are all unique individuals, and this can vary.

What can homeopathy treat?

Homeopathic medicine is very diverse as it can be used for 'First Aid' situations for example:

as well as Acute situations such as:

Chronic situations where an individual may suffer with symptoms long term that may affect the skin, chest, digestive system or any other part of the body.

Homeopathy is really successful at treating symptoms of anxiety & stress, grief, sleep issues, joint and muscle pain, different types of head pain, after effects of viruses, any lasting effects of previous shock and trauma. Not forgetting some of the unpleasant symptoms that some people suffer with at the time of the menopause, in fact it is very helpful in rebalancing our hormonal system in general.

I would really enjoy the opportunity of working with you to help you improve your health and therefore achieve your goals in life.

I am available for consultations on:

Monday - Thursday

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Ernest suffers with many health problems including heart issues, liver and gall bladder stones, prostate cancer, back problems, skin basal cell carcinoma’s and has done extremely well with homeopathy, which has helped him to recover after some major operations and supported him constitutionally with his ongoing health issues alongside his conventional medicine and he is a brilliant example of how alternative medicine can and does work wonderfully alongside medication. Here are his words.

I love telling my doctors / nurses how I am under a homeopath when they are amazed how well I am healing. I recently under went an operation to remove numerous basal cell carcinomas from my face and head and I looked like I had been in a serious accident. Mary prescribed me remedies to help with the healing and a week after the operation, the consultant nurse was amazed how well I was healing and said to carry on. Homeopathy has helped me with so many things I don’t know where to start, my prostate cancer is in remission I no longer need the treatments which were making me feel so weak, but again a well prescribed remedy helped with this weakness as I was falling over at times. I no longer suffer with my Gallstone pain, which was horrendous initially thanks to ongoing support from Mary, thank you so much, your support and help is invaluable.


Jaz was suffering with mental and emotional shock as well as grief from the loss of a close family member in difficult circumstances. This had created some mental and physical symptoms for her some of which included anxiety, a lack of confidence, a tight feeling in her chest which she struggled to breathe in with. There was also brain fog and her mood had become very changeable which she described as unreasonable. These are her words after receiving treatment with myself.

Mary’s appointment made me feel supported, safe and heard. Since my last remedy I have never felt more like myself. Thank you for helping me find my balance!


I had been suffering pains in my wrists and hands since before Christmas and had gotten to the point where I could not pick up a teapot!

In March I had a very thorough consultation with Mary following which she provided several homeopathic remedies and a course of supplements. The results have been fantastic; the wrist pain was pretty much gone in a couple of days and my hands are so much better. I’ve just spent two days shovelling coal into a large steam locomotive followed by a gig playing Drums, all with no bad effects!

I was beginning to wonder if I would ever be able to do either again, so a massive “Thank You” to Mary!

If something is troubling you I would strongly advise you to give Homeopathy a try, it certainly worked for me! Thank you again Mary.


Vanessa was suffering with a variety of symptoms including headaches, fatigue, lack of motivation, anxiety, sluggish bowels, itchy skin, blocked nose, weight gain and bloating. Many of these symptoms may be due to a hormonal imbalance, but often other factors may be involved. Some of these symptoms were helped within the first month of treatment, with a continued improvement after the second month. Treatment continues as we work to relieve all her symptoms and bring her health back into balance.

I absolutely love Mary, she’s been a game changer in my life. I’ve had lots of things go wrong and I couldn’t catch a break when it came to fix them but a single month after seeing Mary for the first time I started noticing some changes. I’m excited for the future and feeling like myself again. I couldn’t recommend her more!! I was a little bit skeptic but I decided that I had nothing to lose. It was the best decision I have made. If you’re on the fence… just do it.


It’s been two months now since Mary gave me a remedy for grief and not being able to let go, especially of anger. I feel the remedy brought on a profound change in myself and the direction of my life. It was a gradual shift, I am now finding ways to express myself more and release, I really feel lighter and freer. The remedy also helped a lot with the physical symptoms I was getting. Can’t thank you enough Mary!


I was recommended to try Homeopathy by a friend who found it had really helped his Gallstone pain. I got in touch with Mary because I was suffering with pain from a kidney stone. After a thorough consultation with Mary she prescribed me some homeopathic medicine not just for the kidney problem but for other health complaints as well. At my follow up appointment I was pleased to be able to say that I no longer had any pain from the kidney stone. By my next appointment I was able to relay that I was no longer getting so breathless and having to stop when out walking due to the restrictive chest pain, which was especially worse in cold weather.

Homeopathy is continuing to help me with other ongoing complaints and I would highly recommend trying it and booking an appointment with Mary.


I have been lucky to have come across Mary via the Old Mill Cancer charity, and had never before had any homeopathic medicine. I found Mary a lovely and warm lady who knew exactly what to prescribe me based on my life events as well as my diagnosis. I found her extremely easy to open up to and express feelings and emotions which is key for her to understand what my body needed. I had various remedies to counteract side effects of treatment as well as help my body process emotional upset and stress, but also more recently prescribed remedies to aid symptoms of covid which even my doctors were flummoxed how I recovered from this so quickly!

Knowing what I know now, I will ensure to contact Mary should I have any additional symptoms or any generic illnesses as would much rather homeopathic medicine over prescriptions from a GP. I highly recommend Mary for any remedies needed for any illness/pain so please give her a try! Thank you


Although I'm private with my deeper emotions, I've found it easy to open up to Mary during our sessions. In the last year, homeopathy has helped me deal with and overcome painful experiences as well as aided chronic physical symptoms. I'm so grateful to Mary and the Welsh School [of Homeopathy] for contributing to my personal growth and road of healing. Thank you!!


I was suffering with quite severe anxiety, which at its worst would bring on a panic attack. I wasn't sleeping well at all and I felt tired all the time and life was just one big struggle. After treatment with Mary I feel like I have my life back again, so much more energy and my anxiety is a lot better. I can't recommend Mary & homeopathy enough!